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About Shiny Marketing Group

Shiny Marketing Group 是个致力于提供优质台湾和日本食品的公司。 本公司有提供快熟面,饮料,酱油和紫菜等健康食品。经过多年的努力,本公司已经和一些大商场好像 Jaya Jusco, Giant, Tesco 等有强大的商业伙伴关系。

经过本公司强大的团队经营下, 本公司分销的食品已经遍布全马, 其中包括槟城,怡保,吉隆坡,柔佛,沙巴和沙捞越等。本公司也成功打进了食品服务行业,像是提供食材给一些本地经营的台湾和日本餐馆,其中Sushi King是我们其中一个商业合作伙伴。




Shiny Marketing Group is a leading company that focusing on provide consistent good quality of Taiwan, Japan’s Food & Beverage such as instant noodles, beverages, soy sauces, seaweeds, etc. For years of strive, we have developed strong and positive business relationship with Aeon Big, NSK, Mydin, ISETAN, Jaya Jusco, Giant, Tesco and many local supermarket chains. 

After years of effort from our company’s dynamic members, our products distribution is already cover all over the Malaysia which includes Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Sarawak & Sabah,etc. We also have successfully extended our business into Food Service Sector through supply to Taiwanese and Japanese restaurants like Sushi King and etc. 

Our vision is to be world-wide known brand in F&B industry. Our mission is to provide Consistent Good Quality, Healthy & Delicious food products to all consumers.